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At Richie’s Bikes, we do everything to ensure you leave with the bike best suited to you. There are many important things to consider when choosing a bike. We have a large selection and have something to suit beginners and pros alike. All bikes purchased are made up and fitted by us.

What to consider when choosing a bike

What will you be using your bike for?

You will be looking at different bikes depending on what you plan on using the bike for. If it is for commuting to work, you will want something that will perform well on the road. (see our Bike to Work Page)

If you want a racing bike, you will be looking at something with a light frame.


Your budget will also impact the bike you choose. There are bikes in our shop to suit every price range.

We also run a savings club, where you can come in and save up the cost of your bike over time. There is also the bike to work option for those who are planning on commuting to work.


Will you want to maintain the bike yourself, or have a professional do this for you? We do stock parts in our store, however, at Richie’s Bike Store, we offer a full repair and service in our workshop.

We have a same day service which means you can be back on the road in next to no time. We offer an unrivalled after care service, so always pop in and speak to us if you feel your bike is not performing how it should.

Size of the Bike

This may sound obvious, but ensuring your bike is adjusted for you is so important. By not having the correct adjustments made, you can end up injuring yourself, getting strained and becoming fatigued much quicker than normal.

If you would like to call in and go through this, we would be more than happy to help.

Test Ride

We want you to be happy with your bike.

Take it for a test and let us know what you think. We can perform any adjustments there to ensure you are comfortable and safe.

Types of Bikes

Standard Bikes

These are the older style bike where you pedal backwards to brake. They are more than likely the bikes your parents / grandparents may have used.

Road Bike

These are bikes best suited to cycling on smooth roads or paths.

Racing Bikes – lightweight and built for speed.

You are generally hunched over – think Tour de France style racers

Touring Bikes – more suited for leisurely cycling.

They are more durable and the rider sits up straighter on them.

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are suited for off road cycling, or very rough terrain. They have wider tires and have low gears for getting up hills / mountains. They are popular, as they can be used for all surfaces.

BMX Bikes

These are typically around 20 inch wheels. They are used for stunt riding and perfect for competitions. They are single geared bikes.

Tandem Bikes

Built for two people – they are not very common.

Recumbent Bikes

You are almost sitting back on these bikes, with the pedals in front of you. They are not suited for speed or racing.


Often seen at street performances , circuses etc. Requires extreme balance!

Exercise Bike

For those who can’t get outside due to weather etc. They are stationary and are perfect for those wishing to exercise in their own home.

Let us help you choose the perfect bike.

All cycles that are purchased from Richies Bike Store as new, can avail of their bike service 2/3 times a year free of charge for as long as the customer owns the cycle.

Bike Fitting Service

Who should get a bicycle fitting?

Anybody who owns a bike! We fit bikes for every type of rider, from the beginner to the pro. Just like clothes and shoes, each person is unique and will have their own fit. This ensures you are comfortable and reduces the risk of injury. As a result you will enjoy your cycle so much more.

Why do you offer this in your shop?

We want you to go away 100% happy and comfortable with your chosen bike. It is bad for you and bad for us if you are not completely satisfied. Your bike should feel almost like an extension of your body, with no uncomfortable movements. If you feel anything straining or feeling slightly off, let us know, we will pinpoint the cause and adjust the bike accordingly. It is important to get this right at the start.

What makes the perfect bike fit?

The main thing is that you feel perfectly comfortable. Your limbs should be able to move with ease. This will allow you to move faster and with more force. This allows you to concentrate on key things like breathing, balance etc. You should never feel strained or uncomfortable on your bike. If this is the case, come speak with us at Richies Bike Store.

What do you do to get the bike fit right?

Everybody has arms, legs torsos, of a different length. We have systems which use a mathematical formula to get the “ideal position”. Every single person will have a different fit. There are a number of factors which will determine this, age, lifestyle, fitness, any illness / injury, body type, range of motion and much more. We also take into account what you wish to achieve with your bike, will you be cycling to compete, or cycling to enjoy your local area.
We have a chat with you to determine this. We then do an on-bike analysis to get the physical adjustments made. We start at the feet and work our way up to the hands. We then test the bike so you can let us know if anything feels off or uncomfortable. We don’t let you go until you are 100% happy!

Do I need an appointment?

No, you can simply call into us and we will walk you through all this.
If you have any questions, of course feel free to call us beforehand.


We supply the following brands:

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Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes
Richie’s Bikes

Accessories for Bikers

  • Helmets

  • Clothing

  • Lights

  • Locks

  • Baskets

  • Child Seats

  • GPS systems

  • Water bottles / hydration

  • Mudguards

  • Mirrors

  • Bells / Horns

At Richie’s Bikes, we also supply a large range of accessories, clothing and safety equipment. Any accessories purchased, like lights etc, are fitted in store for your convenience.

Our range includes;

Nutrition for Bikers

Nutrition for Bikers

Our nutrition range keeps you going for longer. Speak to us if you would like to know more about how these ranges can increase your performance.

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