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What is the Cycle To Work Scheme?

The Cycle To Work™ is a government scheme, which was brought in 2009. It gives you the opportunity to buy your bike tax free. It covers bikes and accessories up to the value of €1000.

Who can use this scheme?

The Cycle To Work Scheme can be used by anybody who is going to use their bike as their transport to and from work. This can be for the whole journey or part of it. It can also be used by self employed people, or those who work from home, who have a need for a bike, e.g. travelling to bank etc. It can be used by those in both full and part time employment.

It can of course be used in your leisure time too.

Why did the Government introduce this?

This is a great incentive to get people out of their cars, off the buses etc. It reduces traffic and lowers pollution. On a personal level, it gets you exercising regularly.

How do I get the ball rolling?

Call into Richie’s Bike Store, located at Unit 15-16, Town Centre Mall, Main Street Swords, Co Dublin.

Choose the bike you want. You can ask for advice if you are unsure what will suit you. The scheme also covers the following;

  • Locks

  • Mudguards

  • Chains

  • Mirrors

  • Helmets (EU Standard)

  • Bells / Horns

  • Lights

  • Luggage Carriers

  • Cycle Clips

  • Puncture Repair Kits

  • Pumps

  • Reflective Clothing

  • Mirrors

We will then give you a quote for the items you have selected.

You simply bring this into your employer or HR department. You then organise payment with your employer. This is usually taken from your salary over an agreed time period.

Once this is done, call into us and collect your items..

How many bikes can I purchase?

You may buy one every five years.

What if my bike is stolen?

It is up to you to ensure the bike is stored safely. You can use the scheme to buy locks and other safety features. Speak to us about what will suit you.

What happens if I leave my job before I am finished paying?

It will still be up to you to finish out your payments. Most of the time this is taken out of your final pay check.

If you would like any more information, just speak to Richie or one of the team.

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